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Discovery Session

Welcome to Next Step Coaching.

As your coach, I want to get to know you. I also want to help you know yourself better, before we dive into our coaching relationship. The Discovery Session is in four sections. Please complete each of the sections in sequence because each one will assit you in the completion of the next.

Take your time, and be honest with yourself. That way we will have a strong and reliable foundation for our work together!"

There are five forms to prepare for our Discovery Session. You do not need to complete all of them in one sitting. However, once you begin working on a section, you will need to complete and submit it as your responses will not be saved.

Please complete the forms in order as each one will assist you in the completion of the next one.

1)  Personal Information Fact Sheet
2)  Wheels of Life & Goals Worksheet
3)  Foundations Questionaire
4)  Clarification of Values Form
5)  Primary Focus Form
6)  Motivations and Blockers

Click Here to Download Forms For Manual Print


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