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As a Coach, it's important for me to understand how you view the world in general and yourself in particular. Each person “comes from” a unique place in their thinking and in the way they interact with those around them.

Answer each of these questions as clearly and thoughtfully as possible, expressing the best of who you are. These are “pondering” type questions, designed to stimulate your thinking in a particular way which will make our work together even more productive. I suggest that you take several days to compose your responses to these questions. Many of these questions sound similar so read them carefully as each one has value. The purpose of this exercise is to raise your awareness about who you are, who you want to be, where you are and where you want to go.

First Things First………Working with a coach

Full Name: (Please include on all Forms)

What motivated you to seek a coach at this time?

Have you ever worked with a coach before or a similar one-on-one adult relationship (e.g. tennis coach, piano teacher, therapist)? If yes, what worked well for you and what did not work in the relationship(s)?

Explain how, as your coach, I can work with you most effectively, what tips would you give about how you are best motivated, challenged and encouraged.

If our coaching partnership was wildly successful what successes would there be and what would your life look like? Define success for you in your own words.

What is the most important thing you want me to know about you?

Trick question: What is something you don't want me to know about you?

What are you scared to ask for? (i.e. to be pushed, to be told the hard truth, gentleness etc.)

Complete this sentence: I just wish I had someone in my life who…..

How will you know you are receiving value (i.e. Your money's worth) from the coaching process?

Now……Let's look at YOU !!!!

What accomplishments or measurable events must , in you opinion, occur during your lifetime so that you will consider your life to have been satisfying and well-lived; a life of few or no regrets? (Tip: complete the phrase: In my life, I must have…)

If you reach the age of 95 and continue to live your life and order your time the way you are right now, what regrets do you think you will have? (Tip: complete the phrase: I wish I had…)

What do you think is not possible to achieve during your lifetime that you wish you could? (Tip: complete the phrase: It is not possible for me to…)

Is there were a secret passion or dream that you never even mention because it is too immense or unattainable to even contemplate?

What's missing in your life, the presence of which would make your life more fulfilling?

If you could devote your life to serving others or contributing to society, and still have the money and lifestyle you needed would you do it? How would it look?

What is the gift that you have that you would feel great orienting your life around?

What is a dream or goal you have given up on?

What is the role you see yourself in at home, at work, in your family, in your community?

What dreams or goals have key people in your life had for you?

What are you most satisfied with in life right now?

What would you say have been your 3 greatest accomplishments to date?

What would you say have been your 3 greatest disappointments to date?

What is the hardest thing in your life that you have had to overcome?

Who have been your major role models and why?

Who have been motivational people in your life? What did they do?

What are the biggest changes you want to make over the next 3 years ?

What are you're the biggest changes you want to make over the next 3 months ?

What are your top three strengths that help you achieve these changes?

Where do you get in the way of achieving these goals? (Gremlins)

What needs your immediate attention?

What is currently consuming your time that you wish you could eliminate?

Where are you most irresponsible?

What are you avoiding in life right now?

What was a situation when you felt totally on top of the world; a time that you felt successful and everything was going well?

When you look at the previous question what does it tell you about what you value?

Do you believe in God or the concept of a higher power? If so, please describe the most useful and empowering aspects of your relationship with God. If not, which reference point do you use?

Are you excited about the future? Why or why not?

Wrap Up

Do you have any questions you want to remember to ask me during our Discovery Session?

I value honest feedback. From our interactions so far do you have any feedback for me?

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